About Me

I am a wife, teacher, mother, follower of Jesus, daughter, employee, niece, granddaughter, and more.  On this blog, I will be sharing stories of my life in these positions to encourage me and hopefully you to be better in my relationships and yours.

I write about my experiences as a young working Christian wife and mother trying to navigate life and grow as a person in my relationships with others.  I write for others wanting to learn and grow in their relationships.  I write for personal enjoyment and to stretch myself as a creative person.  I write because I like it and I hope you learn something along the way.

Life can be rough, but it can also be used to encourage each other.  That's what I'm hoping to do here, encourage each other as we walk through life.  I have a passion for healthy families.  I believe healthy families produce healthy children who can change the world.  Healthy families can produce a change in the issues of extreme poverty and human trafficking.  Healthy families can educate children and adults in order to help them become healthy.

I post new material Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. 

Monday is open to anything. Wednesday is generally part of a series. Friday is what is on my heart and generally spiritually focused. Saturday is a list of other good posts I read throughout the week.

A few good posts: 
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A little about my family
Finding My Story:
My parents
My grandparents
My great-grandparents
Other family members
The younger ones
The girls
The in-laws
My story found

I would love to see you come back and read more of what I share on here.