Saturday, June 29, 2019

Stanley Cup = Healing

I have discussed sports stuff here before, but in last few years I have not made time for sports. And then there was this hockey post season. The St. Louis Blues won the Stanley Cup this year.

stanley cup
Photo Credit: StanleyCupYosemiteVisit

I have bought t-shirts, watched so many YouTube videos, found a feed to watch the whole parade, found 2 new podcasts, and cried so many tears. One of those podcasts, Let's Go Blues , invited their listeners to write in about the affect the Stanley Cup win has had on them. They will read the emails as they do their summer series. I was the second person to respond. I will probably revisit this Stanley Cup win a few more times because there is more that I have to say, but this is a good start.

From my email.:
I have an unusual road to being a Blues fan. I was obsessed with the movie Mighty Ducks 2 and after watching that movie several dozen times, I decided to watch a real hockey game. So I watched the Rangers celebration game in ‘95 after the lockout. I liked it, so I watched a Blues game because they were the local team. My family has been Cardinals fans for 4 generations, but hockey wasn’t a thing, except for an older cousin. So I was on my own, but I never had a problem doing it my way. 
I fell in love with hockey and the Bluenote. I loved the trumpet shoulder patches, the sound of the skates on the ice, and the goal horn. I wrote every game on my calendar. When the game ended, I wrote the score, who scored, and if there was anything special about the goal, short handed, power play, etc. I watched every game. Game tickets were all I asked for at birthdays and Christmas’. When I turned 16, I didn’t want a car, I wanted really amazing Blues tickets. I got 2nd tow from the ice right next to the visitors bench. There were only 2 kids in my high school that wore jerseys to school, me and a Blackhawks fan. So many of my memories are all by myself. The Yzerman double overtime goal killed me. And I think it was the same playoffs where Grant Fuhr got injured by a Leafs player, I think Mats Sundin. (Correction from the podcast: Nick Kypreos)  Maybe now I can forgive them. Al McInnis’ slapshots still make me smile. Geoff Courtnall’s retirement speech still chokes me up. As I became an adult and moved to North Carolina with my Rangers fan husband, I watched less games. Work, graduate school, kids, and a few broken heart seasons made it easy for me to be “too busy” to watch. These last few years have been rough, deaths followed by family fallouts and then a house fire. We only got back in our house at the end of March. I don’t think I got my jerseys back after the fire. I am still desperately hoping that I have misplaced them in some box that I haven’t looked at yet. This Stanley Cup win was actually healing in some ways. I have new hockey memories. My kids watched with me and asked every morning when I woke them up about the previous night’s game. This playoffs run inspired me to get back to who I really am, a dedicated and educated St. Louis sports fan. And that’s how I found my way to your podcast. I want to know more than just the box score of the games I miss. So thanks for your podcast and play Gloria! 

One more video: Play Gloria!