Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Life Lessons in Midst of Hard Times

A few months ago I told you about the fire at our house.  We are still displaced and will be until Labor Day hopefully. They should start working this week. We are basically getting a whole new house because of the smoke damage. It will be nice when we get there, but it is not easy in the meantime. These hard times teach us things and draw us closer to God. When we are in the middle of hurting, we don't like to hear that. But you will get through it and you will be better eventually.

Lesson 1: I'm Glad Life Isn't Perfect
A couple weeks ago in Sunday morning church, I looked over at Ben and noticed he had ketchup on his leg. I had seen it earlier and thought it was a scratch. I was wrong. It was ketchup and I had let my son go to Sunday School and sit through a large part of the church service with ketchup on his leg. That seems like a thing I should have caught earlier. But in that moment of thinking, I should have realized that. I didn't go on to beat myself up. I thought, 'I'm glad life isn't perfect.' Someday sooner than I want to think about Ben will be too old to sit by me in church and way too old for me to wipe ketchup off his leg. On those days, I can look back at that Sunday morning and smile.

Lesson 2: There is Still Beauty in the Ruins

Photo Credit: Me
Lesson 3: I am Still a Work in Progress
It should be no surprise that life has been a little stressful lately. 3rd grade is hard. Potty training is hard. Not living in our own house is hard. Living in another person's house is hard. (Yes those are two different hard things.) Working and keeping house is hard. I try not to let the stress get to me. I try to take one day at a time. I try not to solve all of my problems in one day. Sometimes I fail. Sometimes I fail big. But I'm thankful for people around me who help me figure out what went wrong and how not to do that again.

Lesson 4: Reading Should Be Fun
I have trouble going to the library and not getting a book. I also have trouble not jumping on a really good Kindle deal. So at times, I collect lots of books. There are also times of the year when I read less than others. So when the 'read less' times cross with the 'book collection' times, I get stressed out about the books I'm not reading. (Yes, I know I'm a book addict.) This isn't the first time it has happened. It probably won't be the last. But after stressing myself out for a few days or weeks about the books I'm not reading, I tell myself I'm being ridiculous. I turn in the books to the library and cut myself off for a few weeks. I tell myself that reading should be fun. When it isn't, then put that book down. Life is too short to be stressed by reading.