Wednesday, March 28, 2018

God is good!

God just keeps showing up!

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I'm not saying that life is perfect right now, but every day God shows up to give us a hug or a wink. We had planned a beach trip the second weekend in March. It was so nice to get away after a couple weeks of fire stuff. It was a great stress reliever.

Yesterday on the way to work my phone stopped. I tried several things to fix it and nothing worked. So I had to call and get a new one. That was a hassle because they had to text several codes to a phone. Since mine didn't work, that meant they had to be texted to Drew. Then Drew had to message them to me. Whew! That was a long process, but I got it done and my new one is on the way. When it is all said and done, I will be going from Android to iPhone and gaining SO MUCH storage! The 'God wink' in all this? The expanded storage means that Ben can finally get the WWE Immortals game he has wanted for a while.

The fire was started by a wire that wasn't capped off in Drew's hot rod. We have been going back and forth about what to do with the car. We really just want a car to cruise around in and the Buick was good for that. So we thought maybe rebuilding it as a convertible would be a good idea. But maybe that was just more work than we were willing to put into it right now. So we just thought we would wait. God showed up again! Drew saw a 64 Belair on sale at a great price. It has been used as a daily driver. That car is now ours and will be in the car rider line tomorrow. We can all pile in and cruise.

A few more things... Ben is walking the dog and loving it. When it warms up a little, Ben and I will be running together. Lily and I have gotten in lots of extra cuddles and some great pretend play. We are planning a little reading nook for me when our house gets put back together.

God keeps showing up. His love never ends and provision is enough.

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