Friday, February 2, 2018

Things Saving My Life Right Now

Every year about this time, Modern Mrs. Darcy, makes a list of things that are saving her life right now. I try to take time to think of that list for me as well. It is easy to focus on the things that are draining you, but the easy thing isn't always right.

So in the cold of February with no break in sight, these are things that are saving my life right.

1. Working with great people. I am so blessed to work with this group of people. We had a SUPER long day last night. It happens about the same time every year. So the administration gets us some kind of food since we will be there through dinner. Last night we had steak and baked potatoes. There are a few guys that did the cooking and the administration did the buying. It was so good to have a nice dinner together in the middle of a very long day.  Then when there were still a few parents around and I was going to help close up, they told me to go home because I have little ones. It was so good for a working mother's heart to have someone recognize that. 

2. Lily smiles and hugs. 3 year olds are hard to deal with. Having a red headed 3 year old girl seems so much harder. She is quick to cry and with the cry comes the screaming. If she doesn't get her way, she likes to kick and throw things. But she is also quick with a hug. And she throws her whole self into that hug. When I come home, she runs down the hall and yells, "Mommy." Then she throws herself at me in one of those big hugs. She tells me about the best thing that happened to her that day and runs off to keep playing. Those moments are wonderful.

3. A new water bottle. I recently got a new water bottle and I love it! I am drinking more water and feeling better. And since I'm walking more, more water is needed.

4. Books. I haven't had the time I would like to have to read. However when I do sit down to read, I escape into 1900s New York or Themyscira. Those escapes even for just 10 minutes means a lot.

I could probably think of more things, but these things are good. They are really good.

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