Friday, January 12, 2018

One Word 2018

I am normally very pleased to share my One Word of the year. I proudly tell people that my resolutions are a word and not a list. I tell them how it helps me move forward with the things I want to accomplish, as well as help me deal with the things that come up in the year.

However my word for this year feels unconventional and a bit outside of my comfort zone. So maybe this isn't the exact form of the word that I want, but something in me says this is the right word. So what is this word?

Photo Caption: A photo I found on Google and edited. Sorry if I messed up your work

For something to sparkle, it needs to reflect light. It doesn't have light of its own. I want to reflect the Kingdom. However unlike a mirror, sparkle reflects light in different intensities in different directions. So it isn't the same light for everyone. Sparkle is also happy and I wouldn't mind some happy. Not a fake happy, but a real happy with who I am and where my life is. I will sparkle more by being more of myself, more of the things that make me the woman God wants me to be. I will sparkle more by being more like Jesus and drawing closer to his light.

If I'm honest, this word scares me a little. I don't know where this word will lead me. I know it will take me out of my comfort zone. That's scary, but I think it's important. So 2018, bring it on! Let's sparkle.

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