Friday, September 29, 2017

A Park Field Trip with the Best School Ever

I didn't intend for it to be this quiet around here. But I'm back for at least a couple weeks. Cross your fingers and let's hope it sticks.

The other day I was thinking about all the things going wrong in my life. Then I stopped myself and wondered 'why do we look at the negative of things?' When someone asks 'how are you?' and we automatically go to complain? We all have good things in life. Why do we let the negative drag us down? So when I recognize myself headed down the road of unending negativity, I stop and start thinking of something good. It has helped. So tonight when I could easily start beating myself up about a few things and I'm tired enough to give into it, I'm going to focus on some good.

I work at an amazing school and have the most amazing students! Today we had our school wide park field trip. And first of all, the students at my school are responsible enough that we can go on a school wide field trip. It provides a time for team work and bonding which is important for kids from so many different schools that come together for our high school. And sometimes I forget just how special that really is. Today I got a few good reminders of just how special they all are.

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Student Senate planned a few team building games, among them Tug-of-War (my team lost, but we didn't fall down) and Capture the Flag. My Capture the Flag team was awesome! I am not good at strategy or running, so I wasn't sure how this was going to go. I had a plan to defend the flag and absolutely no plan to go get others. But my team jumped right in and put everything they had into defending our flag, including sitting in a trash can. (The bag was removed, so it was clean. And we put the bag back in when we were done.) And we did it!! No one touched our flag. It was awesome.

Then after that a couple guys sought me out to chat. Mostly about their girl problems. Earlier in the week it was friend issues with a different student. They said I was the 2nd counselor in the school. It always makes me feel good that students feel comfortable enough to come to me and talk about what is bothering them. They consider what I have to say as pretty good advice.

Tonight I had a parent email me to tell me how much her daughter enjoyed my competitiveness for Capture the Flag.

Yesterday I had a student get me a coke because she found the name Ward on it and thought of me.

A couple former students visited this week, one of whom thanked me for helping to find his passion and see it through at university. I'm humbled beyond words that I could have any part of that.

We have several students with various medical issues. Sometimes these issues flare up at school or at events like today. I have never heard of a student derided in any way for any of their issues. On the contrary, the students at my school check on their friends often. They know what the triggers are. They know what the symptoms are. And they are right there every step of the way when something flares up. The other students are concerned even if it isn't their friend. I saw that today. I saw the concern and love on their faces. I saw a couple of my colleagues right there every step of the way. I saw students get creative to support us.

There have been many memorable moments in my teaching career and even a few pivotal moments. I think today was one of those moments. I will never forget today, but more importantly I will never forget these special people that I am honored to serve everyday.