Sunday, January 1, 2017

One Word: 2016 Review and 2017 Reveal

So I got 11 days out of 31 in October, that's more than any other month this year, so I'll consider it a success. My desire for blogging has not diminished, but my time is limited. My teaching schedule is not as crazy as last year, but it is still crazy. Ben is not focusing real well in his class right now, so we are working on some new routines as well as keeping up with homework. I'm trying to spend enough time with Lily and Drew. And I'm reading quite a bit. So my life is full of things that I'm can't or won't give up.

That all leaves me tried and stressed. It leaves me going all the time. It leaves me the opposite of still. I have been taking some time to read about prayer and stillness, but I haven't enacted any of those things yet. But I'm thinking about it. So maybe that's a start. So as 2016 ends, I started thinking about being still.

So my One Word was a failure. In an effort to be still, I tried journaling and failed. I tried reading a devotional and failed.  I tried reading a book about listening, which requires stillness, and haven't finished it. I didn't even start it the book until October or November. I tried the YouVersion app reading plans and failed to read daily. I tried sitting down each evening with a cup of tea amd failed. I got a week at most of each of these things and then got busy with something else or forgot.

For Christmas I got a Book of Common Prayer with the idea that those words will make me think hard when I pray over them. So I have another plan of how to be still. I am going to try again at journaling.  I will keep up with the Bible reading plans even if I get a few days behind. Each of those things will require some stillnesss from me. I also got a Fitbit and have it set to alert me 30 minutes before bedtime. So I will have time to do these things. It might also alert me at the time to wake up. So I will have a few extra minutes in the morning as well. I hope those extra minutes will provide me with time to post on here a little more often.

So I believe I will keep the word Still and try again this year. Stillness in the presence of God is important and I need to get hold of it. So I will try again.

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