Sunday, January 29, 2017

Oh the possibilities!

So it is Sunday night and not Friday. Oops. But I'll get a post in this week. And what a week it has been!

Photo Credit: zach Mccarthy

Drew and I were both down with a stomach bug this week. Drew's car was down with a bad transmission until late this week. And I was piled under a mountain of to do lists at school. But we made it through.

As Monday approaches, my mind is filled with a whole world of possibilities. My school schedule for next year looks as if it will include English 3. The possibility alternately terrifies me and invigorates me. I want to share a love of reading. language, and writing with them. But how do I fit all the amazing authors(not already covered) into one year? Oh the possibilities! For success and for failure.

I have also been asked to help at with a women's retreat at a local Spanish church. I have never had a Bible study at church in Spanish. I have only been to a church service a few times in Spanish. But I can speak Spanish in conversation fluently. Again, oh the possibilities! For success and for failure.

This morning I was asked to use my Spanish for church purposes at some point in time if things fall into the right order. I'm obviously being vague because I don't know how much I should or should not say. But trust me, it is out of my comfort zone. It provides a wealth of opportunities for success and for failure.

So the next handful of months will be full of possibilities. It is going to make me uncomfortable. It is going to make me excited. It is going to make depend on God. I have no clue how I will accomplish any of these things. I suppose because it won't be me accomplishing these things. It will be God accomplishing them through me. I certainly don't have the abilities all by myself.

Letting God use me is a scary thing, but without fear, nothing great will be accomplished. So I will move forward in fear and in confidence because God is with me and before me. In the end, I will be a better person, a stronger Christian, and closer to God.

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