Sunday, August 14, 2016

Book Review: The Lafayette Sword by Eric Giacometti

The Lafayette SwordThe Lafayette Sword by Eric Giacometti
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The second in the series with Dectective Antoine Marcas. Again he has found himself chasing a murderer and defending Freemasonry. There is plenty of action and conspiracy. There is also lots of history and nearly too much violence. The ending surprised me and I was strangely satisfied with it. The violence in parts was alnost too much for me to read, but it stopped just before too much. The historical aspects of Nicholas Flamel, the Inquisition, and the connections between France and the United States at its founding were well told and compelling. The villian seemed to be a mastermind that was outplayed at the last minute and the sketchy organization was actually doing the right thing.
This is a great follow up to the first one and continues to turn conspiracies on their ears. I enjoyed the ride through 2 continents and 700 years.

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I really did almost have to put the book down because of the violence, but every time I got close to putting it down, the violence backed down. So it really gets right up close to that line. The historical parts seemed to be a dark view of the time period, but maybe it was just a dark time period. I enjoyed it even though it is a bit outside my normal cozy mystery genre.