Monday, May 30, 2016

Today Is A Day To Remember

Photo Caption: Me

Today I am drinking my coffee and eating a Dunkin Donut. I have been googling how to use Snapchat and posted my first story. In a little bit,  I will eat a Bojangles biscuit because I am spoiled rotten. Later I will give the dog a bath and Drew will clean the cars. Ben will run up the hill to our house from Nana's house. Sometime today I hope to sit down with my library copy of Murder, She Wrote and my ARC of Nick Thacker's next Harvey Bennett novel. We might get a little time in Nana's pool as well. It is a pretty typical holiday around here.

But today is not a typical holiday. Today is Memorial Day. Today is the day we remember the sacrifices of those who have sacrificed their life for our country, our freedoms, and the freedoms of other people and countries. Today I remember Ben Olds and the rest of the crew that was with him.  I remember Jamie Lowe and the 3 other men that died in the reconnaissance mission with him. But I also remember the families of all these men.  I can't imagine the hole that is left in their lives. 
The only thing I know to do is to pass on their stories, so others know. Their sacrifices will not be forgotten. They will not be forgotten.

Thank you.

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