Friday, May 20, 2016

Is This Life?

Photo Credit: cea+

This week has been exhausting. There has been good stuff that happened too. My son and husband went to Monday Night Raw this week. It was one of those lifetime memory moments. I was so happy for him that I actually teared up. It was just so special. I got to finish a great book and start another one. And those two things have kept me up late and it was good. I have seen Ben playing and Drew coaching youth soccer games. They both do such a great job! It is a joy to spend my Tuesday and Thursday nights watching them.

However, my daughter is teething and it has been raining all week, which has thrown off my dog's bathroom breaks. Those two things have combined to make sleeping through the night nearly impossible. That hasn't been good. I've also had a cough for about 3 weeks. It was probably a virus that turned into a cold or allergies because I have also had some drainage. That hasn't been good.

The good stuff and the bad stuff have combined to make me exhausted. It is also the end of the school year with testing and special days abounding. So taking a sick day isn't going to happen. I'm getting a half sick day today. I might be calling the doctor as well because coughing for 3 weeks probably isn't a good thing. Then tonight I'm going back to be house manager for the drama musical production tonight and tomorrow.

I keep thinking someday things will slow down. I think I won't be this busy forever. At some point in time this week, I stopped myself. I thought maybe it won't slow down. Maybe life will always be this full and this busy. Maybe it will always be this exhausting. Maybe I should stop praying for God to make this easier and pray for God to help me do this well.

What do you think?


  1. I have SO many thoughts on this so it may jump around a bit! Will it always be this busy? That's up to you!

    Guard your recharging time (I know you're like me and need it!) and your family time closely. Fortunately, it sounds like the soccer in addition to being an awesome thing for Ben has the added bonus of being family time as well. I love that! Just make sure that you don't stay busy to the point of exhaustion ALL the time from overcommitment.

    Speaking of which, evaluate your commitments! Does it bring you joy? Do you HAVE to do it? Do you REALLY have to do it?? If the answer to both is no, then don't do it! Pray over it! I had to take a step back from a few commitments that are great for me and that I love but were just going to be too much for a short season with other things we wanted to do. Happily I get to start them back next week!

    Being overworked, tired and stressed can certainly cause you to get sick and stay that way as well. Sometimes it also does just take that long to get rid of a cough but if you're also feeling exhausted, good to get it checked out. And as a fellow bookworm, I'll just add that when you're already tired or sick, staying up late to read is really not that good of an idea. Sometimes it's better just to go to sleep ;)

    1. The last few days I have turned on music more and taken a little more time for me, like using my face mask and body scrub products. I have to take time for me. However, I stayed up later than necessary last night. That was a mistake. Early to bed tonight!

  2. Life will probably remain busy or even get busier. My suggestion is to add yet another appointment to your over full diary. Add time with God ... great big chunks of time. God is serious about us taking time out with Him. I know it doesn't feel like you have that time but without it you'll burn out. Recharging time and 'me time' may have their place but they won't refresh like a 'Sabbath' does.

    Believe me, I'm not writing as someone who has it all together in this regard, but I'm seeing more and more that I need it if I'm to keep up the ever quickening pace of life.

    I hope that's helpful.

    1. It does seem like an appointment, which is a part of the problem. Ultimately it is what you said, if I want to keep up with the pace of life (and that is probably not going to change.) I need to set aside time for me, time with God, time to refresh myself. Today on my drive to work, I turned on a praise song and just tried not to think. "Be still and know that I am God."