Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mama Said There'd Be days Like This

A field trip, a class party, two meetings, a soccer game on the day before pay day with Aunt Flo coming for a visit.

OH it is so hard being an adult! Too much to do in one day. Can I get an amen?

The field trip was great because I got to see some of my students in whole new light. We got to celebrate things together, like making some really cool art and eating a whole burrito when you were the last kid in line and it's almost time to go. (Yes we really did celebrate that.) I got to create art. No rules of what it is supposed to look like or be like. Just here are some cool pieces of wood and some wood glue, create. I got see some amazing photography and folk art. I got spend time in a museum. It was a chance to breathe. The class party went a bit wonky. I can't make one of the meetings. It might rain out the soccer game. But it's all good because art and I got to meet today.

What made your day great today?

P.S. I'll post photos of my art when it is done. Today was just step 1.


  1. It's rained out my planned yard sale for this Saturday and a good clap of thunder got me out of bed yesterday and kept me from oversleeping. Was not ready for the sale at all and this week had way too much going on. He knows just what we need! :)

    1. Isn't it funny how those 'frustrating' things can be just what we need? More than once Lily's crying has woken me up when my '5 more minutes' turned in to longer than that. Maybe not funny. Maybe planned. :)

  2. Just being able to sit and rest after a stressful day at work. Hate I missed the game but my body and head were telling me to rest.

    PS I love reading your posts!! ��

    1. The games were cancelled. The boys were upset, but I liked the chance to sit and relax.
      And thank you for reading!