Monday, February 15, 2016

The things saving my life right now

Modern Mrs. Darcy posted something a few weeks ago. I thought I would keep a list of things saving me right now as well. What is going on that I need saving from?  Sickness, too much work to do, stress, keeping my son caught up, getting my daughter to the next step in development,  not letting the housework pile on top of me because I have too much to do.  Maybe this is just the regular list of things that happen to young working mothers.  Whatever it is, it is leaving me wanting to cover my head and stay there.  So the idea of having a physical list of things that are holding me together right now is very attractive.  This is my current list:

Frozen soundtrack
Pretty wallpaper for my phone
Alone by Hollyn
The song Jolene and all of its versions
A hot bath
A rag doll
My new Cardinals blanket

So when I feel overwhelmed by my to do list, I pull one of these things off my list, settle down,  and get back to work.