Thursday, February 5, 2015

How to Have Faith

The last post I started talking the story I have been living. I focused on being happy. That is a big part of the story that I have been living the last few years. Another large part is faith. The definition of faith according to Merriam Webster is: a strong belief or trust in someone or something.

A STRONG belief and strong takes work. You don't get to strong by accident. You don't get to strong through an easy path. And faith sounds nice and can make a whole lot of pretty sayings for the needlepoint. But that doesn't account for the hard work of getting to a strong belief.

Lavender's Legacy by Ryan

A cancer is a hard battle even for the loved ones watching from the side. There are so many doctors appointments and tests to be run. And sometimes you hear conflicting diagnoses. And then there is the waiting. The waiting is brutal. Half of your mind is planning for after that person. The other half is preparing to assist in the fight. In the battles that my loved ones have been through, we have heard more than one death sentence. We have prayed hard and had others pray hard and we continue to pray hard. The result has been miracles. That sounds like an easy summary to the story, but living it has been hard. Hearing the worst diagnosis and waiting a week or two for more information. Getting good news only to receive more bad news at the next appointment. It is a roller coaster for the emotions, but it doesn't have to be for the faith. You can hold on to your faith even through the good and the bad news.

When you hear that you might need to replace your heating system or your water heater stops working and you wonder where the money is going to come from, there doesn't have to be despair. (Both of those things happened this week. And both of them are okay without too much money being spent. God is really very good to us.) There can be faith.

I have seen faith in action this week. Two dear families are sitting with loved who are much to young to be dying. Both of them are watching their loved ones lose the battle with cancer. And yet both families are holding on to their hope. They know their loved one will be walking the streets of Heaven with Jesus very soon and that is enough for them. I'm not saying there won't be pain. I'm not saying there won't be tears. There will be lots of both, but under all that there isn't despair. Under all of that there is hope and a knowledge that God is in control and that is good.

Faith is made of strong stuff and doesn't come easy. Trust God. Take it one day at a time. Keep walking forward with Him. Faith will come and faith will sustain you. 

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