Saturday, October 4, 2014

31 Days of Characters: Jolie Graham

Name: Jolie Graham

Location: Small city in America. Northern part. Maybe the north west.

Appearance: Long blonde straight hair. Thin frame. Average height. Not particularly attractive. Not ugly either. Average.

Career: Office work sitting behind a desk.

Personality: Quiet. Commonly perceived as aloof, but unsure of herself is a better definition. She wants to speak up and speak out more often, but can't seem to find her voice or an outlet to use it.

Back Story: Hearing her name people expect her to be bubbly outgoing and a magnetic personality. She never felt she could live up to hat expectation and consequently her name. She doesn't like her name and tries to hide as much as possible. She is single and many see her as someone to be won over. This leads to her desiring to hide more.

Where are they now?: Someone comes into the office culture or maybe her apartment building or a new person at her gym. Someone who wants to get to know her and help her to move out of her hiding. Moving out of hiding and finding an area to shine brings her to a new job, a new place to live and a new life. But maybe she doesn't really want that.

Day 5: Roman Kingsley

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