Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Place of Wonder and Magic

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I have been hesitant to tell this story. I'm not exactly sure why. Maybe some stories and some moments are so special that they lose something in the telling, so we keep it to ourselves. So I have been keeping this one to myself, but I don't think I should keep it to myself. So today I'm going to tell you about going to the public library with Ben.

The above library is the library we go to. There are others around, but this one has a special something ... a puppet theater! Ben loves puppets, so this is a pretty hands down winner for us. So we go to the library and I get to pick out a book or four and then we go to the kids section and Ben plays in the puppet house. We took a very long break that was filled with Lily. And in the last few weeks we have gone several times.

The library has always been a wonderful place for me to go. Growing up the public library in town was a few blocks from my house. I often walked or rode my bike up there. I went there to do homework and find new books to discover. The staff were so kind and lovely. I fell in love with the shelves, the smell of the books, the crinkle of the covers. Then I went to college and discovered the stacks and wanted to build a fort in there and hide away from the world.

Now as a mother, I'm going back to the library and sharing the wonder and magic with my kids. (Well, I'm not sure Lily really gets it, but still.) Ben goes with me through the shelves to find the books I want to check out and he is a little antsy because he wants to get to the puppets. He knows on book visits that we get books first, so he puts up with it. However, there are times that I take him for non-book visits. Those are times when he can go and play right away. Often while he is playing in the puppet house other kids will come by and play as well. It does my heart good to see him play with so many different kids. Kids of different ethnic backgrounds, kids of different races, kids of different ages, kids of different socioeconomic stature. We see a little bit of everyone in there and he plays with them all. There are a couple other stations that he plays at, but the puppets are hands down his favorite.

So right there amongst the worlds hidden inside the covers of the books, Ben is discovering a creative world of his own alongside kids of all types. The public library really is a wonderful and magical place.

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