Monday, May 19, 2014

What silence taught me

'Blank Sketchbook' photo (c) 2012, Wonderlane - license:

I suppose it is rather obvious that blogging for the last year or so has been difficult. There were months that went by without a word being said on here. In some ways I'm glad. The silence allowed me to see how many ways I was chasing after something that I didn't want. I don't want this blog to become 'famous' because I am following this rule or that idea. If I write good stuff that people read and they share and then it gets 'famous', that's great. But there were many times I wrote something because I was supposed to write something. It wasn't really good content. I'm sure that will happen again, but it doesn't have to happen very often.

I don't need to follow a ton of blogs and comment on them all. I don't need to tweet a certain number of times a day. I don't need to participate in x number of chats per week. I don't need to post x number of times. I don't need to follow the script that works for everyone else because it feels false. It makes me fall out of love with writing.

So the silence has been good and healing. However, it also made me forget about something important. You. I forgot why I am blogging. I forgot that my stories and ideas can make a difference. They can encourage someone or make them laugh. I forgot that sharing my story and my journey might help someone in their journey.

I will readily admit that those posts that only have a few views bother me. I want to have big numbers on everything I post. I want to have lots of people reading what I say. It is the hope of every blogger, writer, or artist to  have a mass appeal. We want what is in our head and in our hearts to fascinate people and inspire them. The problem with that want is that we start looking at numbers. We start thinking that it isn't enough to have 10 people reading, viewing, liking, or commenting on our stuff. We need 20 or 40 or 100 people. If we just had that many, then it would really matter.

That is a lie.

Just one person is enough.

So thank you to those of you that read. I hope that my words can encourage you or inspire you or challenge you or make you laugh because each one of you matter to me. You encourage me and inspire me and challenge me.