Friday, May 9, 2014

How Not to Get Ready for Church

Every so often we have a crazy day where most things go wrong and we just have to laugh. Last Sunday was one of those days. So my natural instinct is to write about it.

It started the night before, Saturday. Ben doesn't like milk, but he needs to drink some. So we have our own little wrestling match over it a few times a week. Eventually he drank it all and we went to bed. A little while later my husband came to take him to his bed. That's when we discovered that he had peed in our bed. More specifically on Drew's side of the bed. I took him to get changed while Drew took the sheets off the bed and cleaned the mattress. I got Ben in his bed and Drew got to go lay on the couch.

During the night Lily woke up and needed changed. As I was changing her, she peed on her changing pad. So I took that cover off and changed her clothes. She got settled and I got a little more sleep. Drew and I both woke up a little early and decided we had enough time go get breakfast at Bojangles.

Both kids slept at the same time long enough for Drew and I to both get ready for church. It was amazing and seemed like it was going to be the kind of morning you only dream about. And for about 20 minutes it was fabulous. Then both kids got up and the craziness from the night before continued. I got Ben up and smelled pee again. I even said out loud, "Do you still smell from last night?" Nope. He peed in his bed too! So I settled him down because he was upset about having an accident. I got him in the bath and stripped the bed. He got out and was getting dressed in the living room. Drew was feeding Lily and she spit up. Except her spit up wasn't caused by gas or anything. It was caused by the sinus drainage she had. So it was a massive spit up of milk and mucus that covered her and Daddy both. In fact, a little bit even got on me across the couch dressing Ben.

So two more costume changes later, we were ready to leave. We weren't even too late for Bojangles. It was close, but we could make it. Except when we pulled into Bojangles the drive thru line was almost in the road. The line inside looked short though, so Drew parked the car and went inside. He came outside a short period of time later saying that the people waiting had their arms crossed looking mad while there was one person he saw working. Of course today would be the day that Bojangles was understaffed.

That left us with only one option, the gas station on the way to church. By this time it was getting a little late, but we were all getting hungry. We had to eat something. We all went in and there was a selection of biscuits  in the front. Drew and I chose one. Ben put in his request, a slushie and mandarin oranges. Drew entertained Lily while I warmed the biscuits. We paid for them and the cashier informed us that one side of the biscuits was cold. I went back and warmed them again.

We finally got back to the car and ready to go to church. Ben ate the oranges on the way to church and got a few sips of his slushie in. Drew and I ate our biscuits on the way as well. We pulled into the parking lot and managed to only be about 5 minutes late.

3 pee-pee accidents, 2 tries to warm up a biscuit, 1 spit up, and 1 understaffed restaurant later, we made it to church. So now you know how not to get ready for church.

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