Saturday, April 19, 2014

Good Stuff Saturday 4-19

Photos of the week: Boats and Strawberries

Human trafficking is a complicated situation. Jaime does a good job of trying to talk about it the right way.

#37 on this list is something I need to tell myself every day. #3 and #7 on this list is something Drew and I could work on. #10, #11, #17 and #19 stuck out to me on this list.

So evidently, I'm like Elsa. What about you?

Losing a childhood hero isn't easy, but that hero has a family and that would be way harder.

Kim said this best and I'm so glad that she did!

I love, love, love that Jason told us the other stuff that went on during Holy Week. It makes the attitude change from Sunday to Friday make more sense.

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