Friday, April 4, 2014

30/30 - Where I would like to go

My friend Carl is doing this 30/30 thing on Fridays on his blog. I have wanted to join him, but haven't found the time to do it. Today I am making that time.

A couple places I would like to go to again:

1. Chicago - deep dish pizza, the Art Museum, Navy Pier, Sue the T-Rex, and some great friends. What's not to love?

2. Mexico- No particular city. Just anywhere would do. It had been several years since I have been there and I miss it.  There is an atmosphere that is just so Mexico and it feels like a home away from home. So I would like to visit my second home again.

A few places I would like to visit for the first time:

1. New York City - Pizza, Delis, Bagels, Hot dogs, and more food. I really just want to go there and eat.
2. The Greek Isles - Olives, hummus, and that gorgeous water.
3. Acadia National Park - It's in Maine and Maine is cool. The photos I have seen of this place are so amazingly gorgeous.
4. Prague - It is Europe, but it is reasonable in price. The buildings are amazing and they have apple strudel.

You may have noticed a food theme in the places I want to go. I like for and u like to visit places with good food.  It is probably a good thing I don't travel more than I do. Otherwise I would be much larger than I am now!

Traveling is really about learning how other people live and eating is a major part of living. So I want to travel and eat.

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