Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Pregnancy is fun

So as my pregnancy progresses, there are all kinds of fun things that happen. So I thought I would review some of them today for our enjoyment.

1. Small bladder
We all know that our bladders get smaller with more pressure as the baby gets bigger. Maybe you haven't been pregnant and don't realize this, but a smaller bladder means you pee on yourself more often. Like 2 weeks ago at my son's birthday party, I made it to the restroom and near the toilet. I really should learn to bring extra pants with me. I didn't that day, so I texted my husband to go get me more. That was fun. Then a few days later at Burger King, Ben and I were leaving. I was leaning over to buckle him in. That wasn't good for a full bladder. So I left a mess in that parking lot. Thankfully, I have a towel with me in case my water breaks. That came in handy. Then waking up one morning last week, I sat up and had to go! Once again, I made it close. So even from the sofa to the bathroom was too much for my little bladder.

2. Sleeplessness
And speaking of the sofa. I'm sleeping there about as much as I am in my bed. I start out in bed and wake up randomly in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. I can't go back to sleep, so I go to the living and try to find something entertaining on TV. I watch TV for a couple of hours and then get sleepy. So I lay down on the sofa because by that time I only have a couple hours before time to get ready for work. The sofa is not as comfortable as my bed, but by that time I'm too tired to go all the way back there.

3. Was that my water breaking?
Along the line of bladder issues, I have the constant concern of my water breaking. I really don't care if it breaks in public or not. I just want to make sure it is my water and not my bladder. So the other morning in my accident from the sofa to the bathroom, I had to check to make sure it was pee. I wasn't sure, so I woke up Drew. Yes, my husband is that amazing that he smelled to make sure it was pee just seconds after he woke up. And yes, I'm really not sure what my water breaking will be like. Even though I have one kid, my water was broken by the doctor. So I don't know what to expect when/if my water breaks.

4. Not being able to help out around the house
Maybe that sounds like a break, but mostly it makes me feel guilty. Of course there are some things I can still do, but there is plenty I can't do. Like last weekend when the dog got into something that made her sick. She puked 3 times in a few hours. That was nasty and then Drew had to clean it up all by himself. I felt so bad for him and there was nothing I could do. Bending over to clean something up is not happening being 39 weeks pregnant.

So dog puke, human pee, and a lack of sleep. Pregnancy is fun!

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