Saturday, March 1, 2014

Good Stuff Saturday 3-1-14

After a couple busy weeks, which led to some silence on here, I have lots for you today and a couple posts planned for the upcoming week.

Photos of the week: Egret in the fog, a salt desert in Bolivia, Cave camping, Selfies from Disney characters, and some great comebacks from them too.

This is hard to hear, but let's make sure our going makes a difference.

This was refreshing to hear because love is the most important thing and sometimes we forget that.

And sometimes this is what love looks like.  And like this. And it sounds like this.

A couple more refreshing things to hear- connect to real people who really like you and not being 'cool' is okay.

Maybe following Jesus is about listening for him everywhere so he can teach us more.

Where do we find enough?

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