Friday, January 31, 2014

Humanity and Science Fiction

Warning: A bit of a rant is to follow.

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Humans with super powers are a very popular stories currently. As I was watching XMen recently, it occurred to me that many of these stories are about finding the limit of humanity. They seem to be raising the question, "What can happen and still keep someone human?" Many of the TV shows, movies, and books tend to portray the 'regular' humans as brutal and violent whereas the 'other' humans are angry and equally violent. For my part I don't reallly like this portrayal. I'm sure it garners many viewers and sells many books. However, it seems an irresponsible representation of a tension that would exist in this case.

XMen and Rivers Edge seems to be a more relaistic interpretation. There are some that take advantage of 'regular' humanity and some that want to protect them. Some have been hurt by 'regular' humanity and act out of that pain. Some have been hurt, but refuse to act with such abandon. Humanity is a complicated group and if some humans gained extra powers it would simply exacerbate these complications that are already there. I simply refuse to believe that both sides of the issue would simply abandon the natural tendencies already in place and the conflict resolution that we already practice. So I wish science fiction would be more responsible in their story telling because I'm really getting annoyed with their current story telling habits.

Anyone else out there agree with me?

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