Saturday, January 18, 2014

Good Stuff Saturday 1-18

Photos for the week: Grizzly BearRhinos and ZebrasSea Stars, a Storm on a Lake, and a preserved apartment from 1942

Human Trafficking Awareness Day was this week. There was some great info on Live 58 and on Compassion.

This has made its way around Facebook, so you may have seen it. However it is too good to. It pass on. As a society, we need to get to the place where this is just being a good parent.

Another good parenting tip I read this week. I've even started using it.

A couple thoughts on God and Christianity: Sometimes we are living #DangerDays and sometimes it is a Vicious Cycle.

A wonderful review that brought up a point I had never thought of about one of my favorite books.

Some great writing advice. I really loved this one.

Dreams and chasing them has been a frequent topic on my heart recently, so these questions really stuck with me.

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