Monday, January 20, 2014

A Reflection on Martin Luther King, Jr.

'Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial -- Washington (DC) September 2011' photo (c) 2011, Ron Cogswell - license:

In the past, I've been very frustrated with the seeming lack of progress. The distance we are from living that dream. This year, I'm thankful. I see the progress we have made and the things that are working well.

We are certainly not living in peace and harmony with all of those around us. However, there are many interracial couples and children of mixed race or ethnicity. and these people do not need to worry about most of society looking at them askance. In fact, people in general can choose their friends and mates and business associates and anyone else in their lives without many reprecussions.

I am aware that there are still pockets of people and some ethnic traditions that do not allow for certain other people to be a part of their lives. However this is an attitude that society at large does not accept. We have made progress toward Dr. King's dream. Let's not lose this progress in our frustrations with the small sectors of society that have not lived up to their part of the dream.

Celebrate how far we have come and the man who still inspires us to do more!

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