Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hope Mob

Hope Mob

Maybe you have heard of this site and maybe you haven't. The idea started awhile back with the founder Shaun King. I really don't know the details, so I won't make them up. But I will tell you this guys helps people!

HopeMob features a story or a few stories of people in need. Then regular people like you and me donate to these stories and with a little here and a little there, the need gets met. Sometimes it is a health need, sometimes it is help with bills, sometimes it is supplies for a service project, or a host of other things. The bottom line is that people in need are getting what they need and that help comes from Hope Mob. 100% of funds raised goes to those in need.

Now they need your help. Shaun King and Hope Mob have a deep and passionate desire to help people. He dreams big and he makes it happen. Now he needs your help! It sounds great to say that 100% goes to those in need, however that means there are other costs that come up. So if you and I and your friends and my friends raise money this month, then Hope Mob can keep working and giving all the money donated to a family to that family without having to worry about how to keep it going for 2014. We can help keep this awesome charity going for the next 12 months! Every little bit counts.

So go donate now! And then keep checking back with them to see how else you can help out. We can make a difference!

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