Saturday, November 23, 2013

Good Stuff Saturday 11-23

Just one photo today!

But lots to read:

Some funny stuff from Carl
Some adventure stories from Campfire Cowboy Ministries
Some tongue in cheek commentary from Carl
Some parenting peace from Shawn
Some parenting advice from Hands Free Mama
Some kids teaching us from Judy
Some societal commentary from Shawn
Some athletic commentary from Jason
A new way to look at things from Katie
A rite of passage from childhood gets a new meaning from David

Enjoy the reading today. Have a wonderful Satruday!


  1. Thanks so much for including a couple of links to my nonsense! I hope you are well- praying for you guys and the one on the way!!!

    1. You are very welcome. I enjoyed them this week. And the WKRP oft quoted around my house during Thanksgiving. And thank you for your prayers. As Drew nears his graduation, things have gotten a bit crazy. Nothing too awful just lots of distractions. So we really appreciate the prayers and send some your way as well.