Saturday, November 23, 2013

Good Stuff Saturday 11-23

Just one photo today!

But lots to read:

Some funny stuff from Carl
Some adventure stories from Campfire Cowboy Ministries
Some tongue in cheek commentary from Carl
Some parenting peace from Shawn
Some parenting advice from Hands Free Mama
Some kids teaching us from Judy
Some societal commentary from Shawn
Some athletic commentary from Jason
A new way to look at things from Katie
A rite of passage from childhood gets a new meaning from David

Enjoy the reading today. Have a wonderful Satruday!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Love not Guilt

'Parisian Love Lock' photo (c) 2010, Allen Skyy - license:

2014 has not been an easy year for my family and I. God has brought is through it with provision and strength that still stuns me. With these difficulties and blessings, I have found time to just sit. This sitting and being has brought me struggles and enlightenments. For a while, I felt guilty. I felt guilty for not doing more. I felt guilty for not writing more. I felt guilty for not pushing harder. I tried to make myself busy and then someone told me busy stood for Being Under Satan's Yoke. Then I started slowing down and settling into the sitting and being and stopping.

I finally heard that is was okay to stop for a little while. I finally accepted that maybe God wanted me to slow down and stop some things and cut back on others. On days when I was too nauseous to read my Bible because thinking too hard made me nauseous, I was okay with that. When laundry and dishes piled up because I was too tired, it was okay. I took things slower and I liked it. I finally managed to stop feeling guilty about the way I was living my life and enjoy actually living it. 

So I have come to the conclusion that love and guilt cant be in he same place. I don't want to read my Bible out of guilt. I don't want to pray out of guilt. I don't want to give out of guilt. I want to do it because I love to do it. I want to hang out with people because I love hanging out with them. I want to live for love and not for guilt.

Along those lines, I.haven't given any money to Typhoon Hyian.  There are 5 other projects to give to and it goes behind those. I start feeling guilty because those people are in need and I have. However, there are others in need and I have for them too. I don't have for all of them though. So I feel guilty that I can't give to all of them. Then I stop and remember that love and guilt can't exist in the same place.  So I work my way back to love. I realized that somewhere along the lines I equated my contributing to a project or need with my money. I threw off the idea of using my voice to tell others or to pray for the project. God is bigger than my money. And he's big enough to use me for more than my money. So I serve him in love and let him lead me to the donations I need to make and when to make them. Besides my money, I need to use my voice and my prayer to contribute to those causes as well.

So love and not guilt because love can't exist in the same place as guilt. 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Good Stuff Saturday 11-16

Swans and penguins! I must be in a bird mood. And of course, the are amazing photos.

This is an article that every mother should read and probably every woman and maybe every person. This should go viral because the words are that good.

Speaking of things that should go viral, this book is amazing and everyone should read it.

Thank you Jaime for making me laugh and making me fee like not so much of a hugging freak.

Another wonderful article that makes me feel like less of a freak and more like I really could be a writer.

Friday, November 15, 2013

On My Book Shelves

Over at Modern Mrs. Darcy, she is having a link up where we are sharing our book shelves. I have a few different 'book shelves', so to speak. One of the things that made me fall in love with our house was the built in book shelf. We even made it a part of our contract to leave those shelves with the house. It didn't take me long to fill that one up though.

It didn't take me long to fill those shelves up. So then I started stacking books on the floor once I had read them. So when I want a new book, I can just look at the shelves to decide what to read next. 

Then my books started overflowing the shelves again. So I had to come up with another new idea. So I have a little bin and I have put the next books I want to read in that bin. That bin stays beside the couch underneath a table (which collects various other things.), so I have them in arms reach when I finish a book. Having said that, I haven't rotated these books recently. So they are probably not what I am really going to read when I'm done with what I am reading now. So I should probably redo those.

I didn't get pictures of my son's book shelf which is also overflowing. And often he grabs a book or 15 and the others land on the floor. Then he carries that book or 15 around to his room or the living room or wherever. He 'reads' some of them and asks me to read some of them. I have to admit I am not reading as much as I would like to, so I feel like many of these books are sitting around and not getting read.   :(  Somehow I feel like when Lilyann gets here, I won't find any more time. So I guess I better just be happy with what I have.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hope Mob

Hope Mob

Maybe you have heard of this site and maybe you haven't. The idea started awhile back with the founder Shaun King. I really don't know the details, so I won't make them up. But I will tell you this guys helps people!

HopeMob features a story or a few stories of people in need. Then regular people like you and me donate to these stories and with a little here and a little there, the need gets met. Sometimes it is a health need, sometimes it is help with bills, sometimes it is supplies for a service project, or a host of other things. The bottom line is that people in need are getting what they need and that help comes from Hope Mob. 100% of funds raised goes to those in need.

Now they need your help. Shaun King and Hope Mob have a deep and passionate desire to help people. He dreams big and he makes it happen. Now he needs your help! It sounds great to say that 100% goes to those in need, however that means there are other costs that come up. So if you and I and your friends and my friends raise money this month, then Hope Mob can keep working and giving all the money donated to a family to that family without having to worry about how to keep it going for 2014. We can help keep this awesome charity going for the next 12 months! Every little bit counts.

So go donate now! And then keep checking back with them to see how else you can help out. We can make a difference!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Good Stuff Saturday 11-9

Today there is a short list, but I think you will enjoy it.

A pretty incredible photo.

This article made me so happy to read. This was music to my Spanish teacher heart.

I hadn't ever thought about this before, but this article made me think about self help books and marriage.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What I am doing in November

A few random things that have been floating around my head and my life this month.

What I am oohing and aahing over
Anchinalu at fashionABLE

I like scarves and I LOVE companies that provide work that can change lives and communities. So fashionABLE is a perfect place for me to go shopping. You can read about their company here and then you should go shopping for a scarf or some of their new leather products. Awesome!

What has been in heavy rotation on my CD player

Trent Wesley Music.

I heard his music at our revival and got a CD. And I've basically been listening to that CD non-stop for last couple weeks. His music is soothing and uplifting and comforting and just a good reminder that God is in charge and I will be okay.

He's going to have a CD (or whatever it is called now) on iTunes soon. So keep on the lookout for that. I'll make sure and talk about it plenty too. AND you could always keep up with him by liking his Facebook page.

What I am reading

WOT cover JPG

I just finished Wings of Thunder by Erin Keyser Horn. It is the second in the Thunderbird Legacy. Remember how much I raved about the first one? Well this one is just as good. And I'll get into more details about it next week when it is available for you to buy. And in case you haven't read the first one, go to Amazon and buy it! The ebook is on sale right now for only $1.99! That is a seriously good price.

I'm also in middle of reading another pretty good Young Adult book called Amber House by Kelly Moore. I haven't finished it, but so far the characters are realistic and the storyline is moving along nicely. It isn't drawn out unnecessarily. The characters are developing at a reasonable pace as well. However, I was disappointed to learn that it is part of a trilogy. Book 2 is set to come out in January. I really don't like waiting. :(

I was reading The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley. However it was due back to the library and I didn't get it back in time, so I need to pay my fine before I check it out again. It's probably a good thing because I really wanted to read Wings of Thunder and Amber House anyway. So I'll get back to that one soon. I am enjoying it, but it isn't a 'I can't put this down' type book for me. It's more of a 'This is pleasant and enjoyable. I like being in this place with these people.'

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Good Stuff Saturday 11-2

Of course, I have some photos! A Halloween-esque photo, a mountain photo, and a forest photo

This website got me excited.

The truth is hard to hear, but important to remember. This was a good reminder.

This one was super encouraging. This one was too in a whole different way. And this one I want to print out.

This video was so cool to hear. It is a great reminder that anything can be used to teach us something.

Zombies and your future.

A good reminder that stories are important

Speak life. Those words have been important to me for a while. Now I hear it all over again.