Friday, October 11, 2013

Staring at a blank page

'Blank Moleskine Pages' photo (c) 2005, Sembazuru - license:

On the way to work, I had several thoughts that could have made up an interesting and mildly humorous post. Now I don't remember any of them. I have gotten out of the habit of writing mentally as well as physically and it is showing in the amount of times I come here and think of writing something. Nothing comes out.

I sit and stare at a blank page and think, "Why can't I remember those awesome words I had an hour ago?"

Well they probably weren't awesome, but they were words that I put together in my head and they made sense. More sense than a blank page.

However, today I am left with a blank page and a hope that by simply writing something on a blank page those writing synapses in my brain will start working better.

So maybe next week I'll have something good to write.


  1. It can be hard to face the blank page, the blank screen with the blinking cursor, particularly after time away. But taking on that challenge, and putting words on the page or on the screen, helps. A lot. As I need to remember more than I do. :-p

  2. Yes the blinking cursor has gotten the best of me more than once in the last couple weeks. I'm determined to beat it in the next couple weeks.