Friday, October 18, 2013

Pregnancy is taking its toll.

In an effort to conquer the blank page, I'm going to just write some stuff down and we'll see how it goes.

I don't remember pregnancy being this hard the first time around. I remember being sick for 5 months and a smidge of heartburn at the end. This time I think I have every symptom known to man.

Morning Sickness 
Shortness of Breath 
Loss of Equilibrium 
Breast Changes 
Frequent Urination 
Mood Swings ✓ 

Some things are getting better. The morning sickness is much better. The nausea is a little better. The frequent urination is better as well.

Some things are worse, like loss of equilibrium, forgetfulness, mood swings, and sleepiness. I haven't lost my balance as in falling. I do however find myself off balance and need to hold something or sit down more than I remember having to do last time. I am all the time forgetting words and sometimes even forgetting appointments that I had. I am going to bed earlier and getting up later, but I am still sleepy throughout the day.

As to mood swings, let me tell you this story. I woke up about 4:30 am to hear the dog drinking like all of her water. She lapped up some and kept going and kept going and kept going. I got annoyed and called out to her. She took a last drink and stopped. Then I got annoyed because she would have to go potty when I got up in a couple hours. I would have to let her out and I would probably be nauseous. I expressed all my frustration to my husband, huffed, and rolled over to try to go back to sleep. My husband is so wonderful that he got up right then and let the dog out. He waited for her to come back in and got back in bed. Who knows how long it took him to go back to sleep. He doesn't fall back asleep easily. In that moment, I almost teared up I was so thankful to him for doing that and completely in love with him for thinking of me when I was being absolutely ridiculous.

So if you are the praying type, you might say a prayer for him because I'm tried of living with me at this point! 


  1. As a woman who has been struggling to get pregnant, I'd trade places with you in a heartbeat. It stinks to be going through all of that but you are blessed to have that little miracle. So many of us are still waiting for it.

  2. I was way more forgetful and tired with my second and third pregnancies but I was also way busier. When I was pregnant with Brice I didnt have another little person to take care of as I did with the other two so I could baby myself more. With Ben and your job you don't have that luxury. Take time out for yourself whenever you can and don't feel guilty about it. Yes this pregnancy is a complete miracle and should be treated as such but that does not mean you dont have the right to be honest about being miserable at times. :-) Don't beat yourself up about your craziness right now, God isn't. Just laugh at yourself, apologize when needed, and strive to do better. This season too will pass.

  3. Thanks for the words Shay!

    I think this post sounded more negative than I meant it to. I meant it more as a record of facts (and bragging on Drew.). However, I don't guess I sounded that way. Foggy pregnancy brain I guess. :)

    I'm already writing a more accurate and positive post in my head because there are so many blessings we have already gotten with this little one.