Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Good Stuff Saturday 6-29 on Wednesday

Photos and Videos

Estudia Feliz - España 

Estudia Feliz - Ala de mariposa vista a través de un microscopio (Butterfly wing seen through a microscope)

National Geographic Photo of the Day - Tallinn, Estonia

National Geographic Photo of the Day - Summer Palace, China

River's Edge Audiobook! Amazing.

I loved these thoughts about tattoos! Pastor Bob DAILY! 6/25/13 - "Before You Get That Tattoo ...."

Human Trafficking Awareness

The Life of A Christ Follower in Albania - Albania and Human Trafficking - Why does it happen? Read this and learn a little

New York Times - Behind Cry for Help from China Labor Camp  - What it is really like for those making our stuff in China.

God Stuff

Stuff Christians Like - Oh, you're a Christian  - This is totally my dream too! - The Breakdown of Marriage and Family  A great look at marriage and family in the Bible. Really good stuff here!

Fun Stuff

I'm a Wolf. What are you?  - You will need to know your personality type. If not, try this first.

The Ramtings of a Dad - All Done Daddy! - Love this story!

Healthy Stuff

Katie Axelson - Learning to say "No".  - We all need to do a little more of this.

Overcome The Lie - Sticking to a Plan  - Great practical Bible reading advice.

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