Monday, June 17, 2013

The Simple Life

'Live Simple' photo (c) 2008, Katie Brady - license:

Over the last several months I am coming to realize something that has been hiding in my heart. 

I want simplicity.

I know that I am on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Interesante (Spanish Pintrest sort of), Vine, and Blogger. I am on the tech team at my school. And from what most people say all that technology just makes things more complicated. So how can I be connected to everything and still have simplicity?

I'm not totally sure. At first, I thought making things simple meant disconnecting. I tried that and a little bit of disconnecting did help. However, completely disconnecting would mean that I would miss things like my friend's new shop. So completely disconnecting isn't the answer. Finding a balance is part of the answer and I'm pretty sure I'm getting there.

However, that is not the entirety of the answer. I want simplicity in eating and taking care of myself and my family. I want simplicity in the way my family finds fun. I want simplicity in my relationships with others and God.

To me, simplicity means health.
To me, simplicity means love.
To me, simplicity means God.

I want to change the way I eat. I want to change the beauty products in my house. I want simple ingredients that are healthy and without too much processing. I want to change the way I have fun. I want to see what is around me and have fun. I don't want to always be looking for the next vacation or the next big trip for fun. I want to have fun eating watermelon in the back yard or relaxing in the blow up pool. I want to change the way I relate to people. I just want to love them. I don't want it to be "I love them when..." or "Will they love me if...?" I just want to love on people.

This is such a big change. We have made our lives so complicated in all of these areas that simplifying them is actually a very hard thing to accomplish. It is rather intimidating to think of overhauling my eating habits and my beauty regimine and my definition of fun and my interpersonal habits.

I think I'll take it one step at time, like buying soap from my friend instead of the store. I'm going to try to plan meals more, so there is less box eating because it is simple. I'm going to enjoy the places I am now instead of wishing I was somewhere else. I'm going to listen to what people say and respond to them instead of worrying all the time about saying the exact right thing all the time.

I'm going to simplify things for my health, for love, and for God. Is anyone with me?


  1. Oh, this is something I do need to work on. Here's to getting there, to finding that balance, one day at a time. :-)

  2. I'm already thinking of my post for Wed. with specific action steps for me. Maybe then I will actually do them!