Monday, June 10, 2013

Searching for Higher Ways: One Word Update

You may have noticed that I didn't post anything on Friday or Saturday. We had a family wedding to attend, so I didn't have time to post. The good news is that I have several thoughts running through my head and you will get a proper post today.

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For the last several weeks, I have heard sermons and lessons that keep reminding me of the same thing. Earthly thinking vs. Eternal thinking.

I re-blogged an old post last week that God's thoughts are not my thoughts. I have twice heard about the Israelite nation at the time of Jesus that expected an earthly kingdom. They genuinely thought that the Messiah would bring a kingdom here on Earth to make them happy. They didn't know that there is an eternal kingdom that the Messiah made available to them. They had an earthly focus to the extent that they didn't see the possibilities that God had in mind. They didn't see that you and I would be sitting here today reading this on the computer talking about what they did and learned for the Kingdom. They didn't see that the struggle of this life isn't the end, but that it is just the beginning.

The Kingdom of Heaven is not of this Earth. It is something eternal. It is something to last longer than time. It is inside a person because our bodies of from this Earth, but our spirit is God-breathed.

So for me today this means that my need for sleep for 'my health' is not as important as the health of my spirit and my soul. So I need to get up earlier and spend quiet time with God studying his Word. I don't need to worry about running when I get up or reading the blogs I follow or pulling weeds. I need to spend quiet time with God first and foremost. After I do that, then I can do some of those other things.

Because his ways are higher than mine and I need to be seeking his ways before I seek my own. Ultimately, my ways are limited to this Earth and his ways are eternal. So I need to defer to him. And I need to actually do it and not just talk about it. I need to live out my One Word: Hear. I need to be hearing God.

Today I did that. I got a tiny bit of insight. I need to continue that tomorrow and the next day and the day after and so on and so forth.

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