Wednesday, June 5, 2013

News for the week

This has been a crazy week! Unfortunately for you that means I have not had time to sit and process things enough to create a good post. However, I do have news about life stuff to share. So I'm just going to list my news.

1. I now have an Instagram, but I had to reformat my name because someone else has a similar one. I was sad. I found out who it was and they had some not nice photos, so I was even more sad. I wish I could buy the name! I also have a Vine account and got my regular username. : )

2. I made a peanut sauce for my dinner last night. It had too much salt and I didn't eat until like 9:45. So that wasn't great. It was dinner and eating was necessary. Next time I really needed to follow the recipe closer! And who knew peanut butter and soy sauce were so yummy together?

3. I wasn't able to get an iPhone 4 because it wasn't free. I was kinda upset about that and rather frustrated that the reviews for all the phones were bad. I talked to a friend who had a Kyocera Hydro and liked it. So I decided to go with the phone that was similar to that. I got a Kyocera Rise and I'm liking it pretty good after the first day. There is a smidge of a learning curve because it is a new phone, but no real issues with it.

4. I had to take Abbey to the vet because she's been limping for a few days. It turns out she has a torn ACL and will need surgery. That is pretty distressing. The surgery won't be cheap. However, if we don't do this she will develop severe arthritis in her hind leg. We can't let that happen, so we will be calling to schedule surgery in the next couple days. We have a plan of how to pay for it and thankfully it has happened in the summer, so I can be around more to watch her as she recovers.

5. I heard of this super awesome idea to post a picture and tell about it before and after. It was supposed to happen on Tuesday, but I missed that obviously. So I was going to do it today. Now I can't find a picture that has a story that I remember or that seems to be worth telling. So hold on for next Tuesday or Wednesday and see if I come up with something.

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