Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How I am going to simplify

On Monday, I wrote about wanting to simplify my life. And that's nice to talk about, but I thought it would be useful to tell you what my family and I have done and what I am planning on doing.

What we have already done:

1. We have added a dinner of baked potato and salad to our dinner rotation.
2. When I am baking I am conscious of what I am using. Real sugar, real eggs, and unbleached flour.
3. I have started to grate my own cheese because it's healthier.
4. I have been buying soap from my friend because I know she is making it healthy.
5. Other body beauty items that are homemade or from healthy companies or homemade from friends.
6. We are paying attention to what we are buying. We look for items with less ingredients.
7. I am working very hard to say good morning/afternoon/etc. when I go in a place. I am trying to remember to ask how are you and listen more often.
8. We have gone to several Hickory Crawdads games and had a wonderful time.
9. I am genuinely happy for the people vacationing instead of being jealous.
10. We are using the little pool at Nana's house about every day.

What we are planning on doing

1. I plan to check sales in paper for meat to make roasts and actually make roasts sometimes.
2. I will buy dandruff shampoo from a friend who sells Arbonne. When I get that, I should have all the basics from healthy companies.
3. We will plan meals for 3 days at a time in order to be sure we are making healthy meals and not doing so much box eating.
4. I am going to look for ways to engage in conversation with people of whom I normally don't talk.
5. By the end of summer, I'm going to bake a loaf of bread that is totally from scratch.

So as you can see there are things I/we are already doing. And with a few tweaks, we will be closer to simple.


  1. I am planning on making this next week when Jack gets home. Bread with NO flour.

  2. That does sound pretty yummy. Let me know how it goes. I'm trying to find a week when time and money are both on the positive side to try some of these things.