Saturday, June 22, 2013

Good Stuff Saturday 6-22

Can you believe this was done on Excel?

These photos are so cool! I can just sit and stare at them. And then there is this one from Patagonia.

Isn't it amazing what this guy did on his birthday and now American Expresss is talking about it.

Another funny collection from Kevin Haggerty. Are you checking his Friday Funhouse every week? If not, why not? You should!

Evidently I'm having a love affair this week with Russian water. Check this out and this one too.

And then I loved this article about drinking water.

I heard this news from IJM and this news from archeology and I loved them both.

I loved this article. I have tried to say this multiple times, but she does a much better job.

I also loved this article because all too often we are going for the style points.

And I don't you know if you have checked out Overcome the Lie yet. If not, you should at least read this one and this one.

Happy Saturday!

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