Saturday, June 15, 2013

Good Stuff Saturday 6-14

Pictures and Videos

This photo from Sweeden and this one from Scotland speak to the size of humanity.
This one screams New Orleans

I am always fascinated by pictures of water. Iceland and Brazil
The Hagia Sofia has always fascinated me too!

Can you find the owl?
Can you count the penguins?

I just discovered this Tumblr and I think it is fabulous. This picture might be the best one.

And I think this is a fabulous idea to help us pray for other countries. And this is so enlightening as well.

Exciting Stuff

I will be buying this and this very soon!

Jaime and Boy Dads had me thinking the same thing from two different perspectives and they are both so important.

I am excited about this anti litter campaign and these sustainable products

This explains so much!

Other Stuff

Micheal Perkins always reminds me of deep truth. Sometimes I need to stop and be weak.

I get so frustrated when the latest 'hot topic' gets in the way of what America is supposed to be about like this.

I can always count on Michelle and Julie to remind me of the way things should be with me.

And Jason puts into great words something I have been working on in my life for awhile.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out and for pointing me to Julie's post -- I missed that one! :-)

  2. You are very welcome for both things. I love sharing posts with others.