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National Geographic Photo of the Day - Aurora Borealis, Sweeden

National Geographic Photo of the Day - Baseball, Cuba

National Geographic Photo of the Day - Madagascar Day Gecko, Maui

Stuff I Think Could Help You Learn

Red Letter Believers - Growing up is easy on them, hard on us - A Parent's Reflection

While he was counting down the days until he left home, I still felt a sad certainty of resignation. For 18 solid years, we had prepared for this moment. When a bird nudge was now well on his way to becoming a man-boy. Growing up is exciting for our kids, but oh so difficult for parents.
I put off going into his room for a few days. When I finally walked in, it seemed like it was void of oxygen. Then I looked around and laughed. There was a cereal bowl in the corner of the room. A single sock hung over the chair like a flag of surrender. A tattered Michael Jordan poster hung on the wall. And there was my missing Phillips Screwdriver. - In an Elevator with Desmond Tutu 

Meeting Bishop Tutu was more than meeting a world changer.
His service not only changed a nation, it has forever changed my family.
I hope in those brief moments in the elevator he was able to glimpse his legacy. I hope he saw a picture of what he fought to accomplish in our family. Here are two brothers. One black and one white. This was not possible under apartheid.  

Life As Experienced- Did Christians kill Tim Tebow's career 

One would wonder how a quarterback with a playoff win, several miraculous comebacks, still a long career ahead of him, and a humble personality wouldn’t get picked up immediately.  Well, several coaches have made it clear that it’s not Tebow that’s the problem.  It’s us.

Teams are staying away from Tim Tebow because of the Christians he brings along as baggage.

The Isle of Man - Stop Running Away From People Who Aren't Like You 

God is NEVER going to stop sending you that kind of person until you learn the lesson He has for you. That’s not from scripture (to my knowledge, anyway), it’s just from life experience.
There must be something God wants to teach you from those difficult people, or else you wouldn’t keep finding yourself in these similar positions.
Until you submit to this, you will keep finding this person as your boss. She will show up in your church small group. Your sibling will marry someone just like that, and you’ll find yourself at the dinner table with them on every major holiday and sometimes on Sunday.

Cultural Savage - When It's Not Enough 

Days like Monday though, they are a whole other beast. Days like Monday claw at my skin and bones, leaving me laying on the floor in a hoodie and pajama pants, head covered, eyes closed, wanting to sleep and never wake up. Depression like that leaves me with hours of nothing, trapped in my own head and the ropes of sorrow and despair tightening around my wrists, looping into a noose around my neck. On days like this, my medication isn’t enough.
Neither is Jesus.
I know that’s not what I’m suppose to say. I’m suppose to talk about how Jesus is there for me in my darkest times, how he brings me hope and peace, how I can survive this depression because of him. But today, if i was to say that I would be lying.

The Isle of Man - Only YOU Can Motivate YOU

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying there is no worth to motivational books or blogs or podcasts or posters that show where God carried you on a beach.
Those are all great.
But the key isn’t any of that. And it isn’t really a secret either.
The key ingredient is YOU. That’s wisdom I received from a wise person named Po (aka: “Kung Fu Panda”).
Are you following what I’m saying? I’m not overweight because I haven’t found the fad diet that works for me. It’s because I simply refuse to exercise daily and eat a little bit smarter. I’m stubborn, so I stay fat.

Maile - Hungry For God Knows What 

So here I sat on the toilet seat in a hotel room somewhere south of Kansas City, MO, and I was starving.
But not for double cheeseburger with fries.
My spirit sat inside me weak and panting, shivering from nutritional depletion and jittery with the worry of where to look for it next. I’d seen the franticness in myself increasing in the past couple of days: I got extra annoyed with my children’s missteps and became more concerned with my timeline than our time together; my mind began to obsess about exercising and food (always a red flag for me); and my self-talk had gotten downright cruel, constantly rehearsing everything at which I miserably failed.

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