Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day

 Photo Credit: My friend Amanda

I have written or tried to write about Compassion and what it does before. They send me emails about blogging assignments. I often think they sound good, but somehow can find the words to really express what I'm thinking. So it comes off sounding high handed and overly guilt trippy. Then I read really great blog posts like this one from Katie Axelson and feel even more unqualified to speak about this topic. However my trials challenges hardship stuff this week and the subsequent encouragement I received from this video and my friends has refocused what Mother's Day really means to me.

For me, I often feel like a fake on Mother's Day. People talk about these inspiring women and I think of my own mom. I don't live up to those people. I mess up regularly. My  kid eats unhealthy foods, watches too much TV, and plays too many video games. There are mothers that are better and more qualified for the title than myself.

I wonder if mothers in other countries feel the same way. I wonder if the ones who can't feed their children properly feel like they are a good mother. And the ones who can't give their kids the medicine they need. And the ones who can't provide their children with a proper education. Do they feel like they are good mothers? Do they feel like there is anything they can do to be a better mother?

When I think too much about it, I feel like the situation is hopeless and it is too big. Thankfully Compassion is there to remind me that I can make a difference. One family making a difference for another family really is enough to change the world. Donate once or once a month. It helps. And maybe it will help me believe that God can use my little bit to make a big difference in my son's life and the life of other sons and daughters in the world.

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