Friday, May 3, 2013

Happy Stuff

Happy Face  Photo Credit: PinkMoose

Today threatened to be a bad day. I left the house a smidge late. The pants I have on are too big (yay) and I forgot a belt. (boo.) I noticed a stain on my shirt when I was already at school. Then I locked my keys in my car. However, I refuse to think of it as a bad day. And here's why:

1. I had sushi last night and it was super yummy. A Philly roll and an Athena roll. Both with salmon, avocado, and cream cheese. One fried and one not.

2. I am about to finish The Wild of God, so look forward to that review. I'm looking to forward to reviewing it.

3. I am really looking forward to the specials in May and June with Scentsy. I've got big things going on in my mind!

4. The youth group is going to a Crawdads game tonight. Baseball in the summer! Does it get any better for a Friday? And we have a fundraiser on Saturday which should involve me getting some yummy food at Shells and helping to raise money. Great weekend planned!

5. We have had some really awesome responses from God about some of the stuff that has been stressing us out. Why do I even worry? God comes through and makes it all okay.

6. I locked my keys in my car for the 8th time, at least. But my husband has a key and is just down the road. So it's all good.

7. Our football program at school is selling BBQ as a fundraiser because they are going to have so many on the team next year. So I posted this on Facebook. 1 person from my hometown liked the status AND one of the youth parents shared the status. I love it when social media works the right way!

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