Saturday, May 4, 2013

Good Stuff Saturday 5-4


Pictures of Poverty - Tanzania 
National Geographic Photo A Day - Waterfall, Iceland

Articles You Should Read

The Esau Project - Go And Do Likewise  - But, Jesus, this guy drives me crazy. This guy is hurtful. This girl is just not someone who I want to deal with. But, Jesus, I don’t even know her.
I can come up with 100 different excuses every time. But what it boils down to is that Jesus said to love our neighbor as ourselves, and then he said that it was the Samaritan who was his this stranger’s neighbor. Why?
Because he had mercy on him.
Go and do likewise.

Mustard Seed - Marriage Monday: Grandpa Loved Grandma  - As I sat and watched the movie I could not believe my eyes.  Their before me on the  screen was a story very similar to my grandparents.  I’m not saying that Mr. Sparks stole their story or anything.  My grandparent fell madly in love with each other as teenagers.

The Ramblings of Denise Dilley - It's Your Choice - Thankfully, Mondays aren't completely hopeless. Once I finally find a way to climb out of the pit, Mondays usually turns out to be a pretty decent days. Especially when I remember that it is my choice as to how I'm going to respond to my circumstances.

The Grocery Run - When Inspiration Strikes - A few months back, I learned that if I’m going to get something done, it has to be tackled four squares at a time. Time is limited and whatever I do has to be taken in small bites. Saturday comes, I want to run, and in the back of my mind, I think I can run four miles. . . surely.
I stretch, set up my treadmill, hop on with exhilaration, and stop just when I’ve barely broken a sweat. I run one. I stop myself and this is a good thing.

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