Saturday, May 25, 2013

Good Stuff Saturday 5-21

I'd Laugh, But It All Happened To Me

But all of that paled in comparison to the experience of actually trying to canoe the Buffalo River. It was scenic...I think. But I don't really recall, because what I remember most clearly is that the river had no water in it.  Arkansas was in the midst of a drought, and the river had simply dried up.  For the better part of 8 hours, in 95 degree heat, we CARRIED our boats down that river bed. 

Katie Axelson - Living a Story Worth Telling - Book Review: Unblogger 

That night a brother and sister shared life. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
My blog didn’t get written that evening, comments weren’t responded to, tweets weren’t sent, and the online conference on my calendar wasn’t attended. And it was good.

The Grocery Run - Break It All The Way

I vowed to be Gluten-Free (I just finished a piece of toast, and had bread for lunch yesterday with my eggs and asparagus).
After last week’s successful cleaning spree, I swore that I would clean one room a day (It’s Tuesday. Stuff is everywhere. I’m avoiding it all.)
I decided that I need more sleep if I’m going to be sweeter and calmer to my familia (I stayed up till midnight last night reading “Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.)

101 Books - When You're Writing an Essay About Your Dad's Novel 

Let’s say your dad’s a famous novelist. Let’s say you’re taking a literature class and your professor asks you to write an essay on your dad’s novel—presumably, without knowing about your dad.
Do you ask your dad for help writing the essay?
Ian McEwan’s son did when he was given the assignment of writing an essay about his dad’s novel, Enduring Love.

Christianity Today - You Can't Buy Your Way to Social Justice 

And so some American Christians scare me. Passionate blog posts about offensive words like "the voiceless" and beautiful photos of homemade clothing and inspiring essays about living off the land inspire me to make more informed choices. But they also make me nervous about my ignorance after years of being outside this milieu and evolving language. They leave me with a pressing question and, at the same time, provide part of the answer.

Hope Mob and Convoy of Hope are in Oklahoma helping out. Can you help them?

National Geographic Photo of the Day - Giant Anteater, Brazil

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