Saturday, May 18, 2013

Good Stuff Saturday 5-17


Pictures of Poverty - El Salvador

National Geographic Photo of the Day - Patagonia, Chile 

National Geographic Photo of the Day - Mount Errigal, Ireland

Stuff I think you should read 

Maybe you could tell by my posts on Wednesday and Friday that I have been struggling with my image recently. So it makes sense that the posts that are really speaking to me,

She Is Fierce - Because You Can't Photograph Strong  

If Strong is really the New Sexy, let's stop with the photos of your muscles and start with the celebration of your accomplishments.

Let's start encouraging women to embrace their figure the way it was made, and instead of saying things like 'Real Women Have Curves' and convincing all women to whom God did not provide them that they need to surgically create them, let's say things like 'You're Already Beautiful'.

Write Human - An Open Letter from a "Fat Chick" to Mike Jefferies, CEO

The Grocery Run - One Step At a Time 

Stop looking at food as a burden and lift it to God as a blessing.
Eat what’s real.
Eat what you live.
Eat what makes you feel amazing.

And some honesty in advertising here

Jaime, the Very Worst Missionary - Deciphering Missions 

While I was virtually paralyzed by depression and anxiety, I used Missionary Code to turn every innocuous coffee date with a friend into “discipleship time”. Hours spent circling Facebook were important to “support development”, and everyday interactions with grocery store clerks and bank tellers suddenly became meaningful when referred to as “intentional relationships”. Oh, and the things your supporters do in their time off (like running, or taking classes, or hanging out with their kids) are things you get to claim, according to Missionary Code, as work.

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