Monday, May 27, 2013

A Trip to the Book Shop

 On Friday night, we took a family trip to the 'book shop' as my son calls it. I took a few photos along the way. I missed the photos of him playing with the Thomas trains and him standing on the stage area. I'm sure you are terribly sad to miss those. Anyway, this is what happened in the rest of the visit to the book shop.

My music baby loves to listen to some music there. He was jamming to some jazz and folk/country music.

I managed to restrain myself from getting a overly caloried coffee and pastry-ish thing by looking at books. These boys didn't. It's cool though because they're naturally thin.

What books was I looking at?

There were a few books I was interested in reading.

I'm so picky about my Austen that I refuse to read most written with her or her characters. This one is making me wonder if I should change my policy.

My husband would like this one.

These books sitting next to each other seemed to be odd couples.

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