Monday, April 22, 2013

River's Edge: A Book Review

I know I have mentioned that I LOVE the book Eyes of Lightning. In fact, I mentioned it so much that the author, Erin Keyser Horn, contacted me to be a test reader for her next novel, River's Edge. I jumped at the chance because I love reading books and I love putting the word out there about amazing books. And I love reading things that are not mainstream because it makes me feel like an adventurer exploring unknown territory. So being a test reader for an independently published novel was a definite YES!

Being a self avowed book snob, I am rather cautious about what I read. Erin herself said this one was a little more mature and a little darker than Eyes of Lightning. So I was curious about what I was going to read and a bit worried that it might not be as good. So how did it turn out?

I'm wondering why I was ever worried!

I think my Amazon review sums everything up nicely.

River's Edge is even better than Eyes of Lightning! Erin Keyser Horn has out done herself. River's Edge is another story with a strong female character struggling with new knowledge about herself and her family. Her new found powers have given her a new view of the world and her responsibility in it.

I can not say enough how much I LOVE this book! It may be considered Young Adult, but it is something adults would enjoy as well. Kasia is inspiring in her desire to serve humanity and the environment in the best way possible. Her bravery in the face of impossible odds is heroic. Blayne is an amazing young man who is willing to stick with Kasia through it all. And that is just 2 of the characters!

Pick this book up today and you will probably have it finished tomorrow. You won't be able to put it down.

Add to that the fact that I literally cheered out loud in front of company when I got my paperback copy of the book. Then tweeted about the book. 

And the fact that I'm reading it again. I generally don't read books a second time. There are too many good books out there waiting for me to go back and reread something. River's Edge is an exception. I read it in February and now in April, I'm reading it again.

This book is fabulous! I promise you will not regret reading it.


  1. OH, thank you!! I somehow missed your tweet about receiving the book, so that's good to hear!! Thanks so much for your support, Andrea! I think I've said this before, but I'll say it again--love having you as a test reader! :-)

  2. I tagged you in the tweet, but I didn't get a space between your username and the hashtag. I noticed that today.

    I'm glad you asked me to be a test reader too!