Friday, April 19, 2013

Life is Beautiful

 Photo Credit: me

As I said on Wednesday, hellos and goodbyes come quickly to me. I've recently said hello to a new project and goodbye to a couple commitments.

I've also said before that feelings creep up on me suddenly also. Sometimes I don't know what I'm feeling until someone asks about it.

So I was rather surprised yesterday when I felt determined to get my grading done and joyful walking to my car 2 hours later than normal. I got a lot of grading accomplished and it felt good. It felt good to focus in on my students and their needs again. It felt good to go home and know I had done all the work necessary for today.

It also felt good to walk and to really see the clouds. It was overcast yesterday. I got to see the various shades of gray blending together to create a beautiful sky. Then on the horizon dark green and light green of the trees stood out against the silvery gray backdrop of the sky. The wind was blowing ever so slightly. The sun was still lighting up the sky from behind the clouds. And the temperature was warm without humidity to weigh it down. I walked to my car and just enjoyed the beauty that God had placed around me.

I have been missing the joy in life because I have been over committed to things that were not where my energies should have been focused. So I said hello something and goodbye to something. Now everything is back in perspective. Light shines brighter. I have more energy. And life is beautiful.

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