Saturday, April 6, 2013

Good Stuff Saturday 4-6

Photos Full of Wonder

National Geographic Photo of the Day: Mammoth Tusk Hunter, Siberia 
National Geographic Photo of the Day - Monte Perdido, Spain
National Geographic Photo Gallery: Extreme Earth

A Random Mix of Stuff that Touched My Heart and Encouraged Me

Love, Laundry, Faith, & Family - Leaking Into Everything: Faith and Writing - 

It was a brief encounter. I had to make a choice to engage that guy or keep my eyes on my coffee cup. That’s where art is not enough. Studying him to use in an upcoming suspense story is detaching myself from the situation and ignoring my role as an inhabitant of the world I observe.
My faith influences my writing and my writing gives me new insight into my faith. They flow back and forth into one another, leaking all over the place with no thought of compartments or boundaries…
…which is just the way I like it.

James Prescott - Why We Find God in the Abscence of God  - 

All this triumphalism disappoints me. It hurts. Because the truth is, things don’t always work out at the end. When we pray, not everyone gets healed. The problem someone had didn’t get solved.
It’s not all happy ever after all the time.
Sometimes, God feels absent. Like all hope is lost. We are in the pit of despair and there is no escape. And the last thing anyone wants in this moment is someone coming along saying ‘Its’ all going to be okay”

Drip Jesus - They're Not Lepers - 

They’re not lepers.
I mean
they may be different. They may be doing, or have done, things that we disagree with, things that we may believe are contradictory to the Word.
they’re definitely not lepers.

Katie Hawkins: Missionary to Albania - A New Kind of Pizza - 

Every restaurant has the same menu. I am not exaggerating. That goes for pizza places too. They all have the same pizzas. If you try to customize an order, heaven help you because they only know how to make what’s on the menu. I once tried to get a crepe with nutella instead of chocolate and after 5 minutes of explaining, I ended up with chocolate anyway.

Chasing Stephanie - Writing and Still Loving God  - 

So during most of my Christian walk I believed (not consciously) that my Christianity was separate from my dreams. More honestly, I believed that I needed to keep these things separate. Why? Because God wanted everything from me, my sins AND my dreams. This was preached to me-because its true. So many times were spent on the altar giving God my everything. I said “God I give you everything, my sins, my hopes, my desires, my dreams.” I wrote it on a piece of paper “I want to be a writer” and laid it upon the altar. I wanted to be a good, no great Christian. I wanted to not only go to heaven but to be a faithful witness here on earth. I wanted to be an empty vessel to be used by God.
As you can imagine this left me empty.

Katie Axelson: Living a Story Worth Telling - One Word Update: March - 

Sometimes finding joy is like searching frantically for the phone you’re talking on. You’re using one hand to hold it to your ear and the other to riffle through your bag to find it.
It’s right there.

I'd Laugh...But It All Happened To Me - A Bigger Faith - 

There are too many Christians in our world (and on my worst days this includes me) who think they have all the answers, when in fact following Jesus is often more about questions.  

The Story Project - I hate shame. - 

But you see what I hate most about this shame is that it makes God out to be some sort of man demanding submission.

It makes people associate Him with fear. Not with the good and reverent kind, but with the I-am-trembling-in-my-boots kind. The I am afraid of His punishment kind.

It relates Him to abusive and unkind. It relates Him to every sort of definition of love that we have experienced.

Eating Neon Yogurt - Death, Life, and Resurrection: I'm going to get a phone call from school.  - 

Bedtime has become very interesting over the past 2 weeks. 
When my dad died, we sat down with our 3 year old daughter and explained that her papa had died and gone to live with God in Heaven. She seemed fine. Until bedtime.

The Grocery Run - Who Are You Really? - 

When did the names start for you? Maybe you lived in a good home who developed who you were. Or, you grew up in a place that missed this. Your value was lost amidst the living and so were you.

The Ramblings of Denise Dilley - A Fresh Start  - 

But hear me out on this next thought. Don't dismiss it as foolish simply because of what day it is.

What if Monday's weren't a day to dread but rather a time for a fresh start?


Red Letter Believers - The Endless Quest for a Good Word  - 

Admittedly, the words of others affirm us. They measure our worth. They justify our value, and reinforce our sense of importance. Without these words, without any external appreciation of our contributions, some of us may wither or worse, finally rebel.

My One Word - Tracie Miles and Selfless - 

I spent six weeks praying for “my one word,” asking God to make my word clear to me. I had lots of thoughts about what it should be – like love, patience, trust, etc.  Those all sounded like good traits to focus on.
But the word “selfish” kept popping up.
I didn’t really like that word.  So I kept praying about it, expecting God to reveal a feel-good word instead. But as time passed, my thoughts continued to gravitate towards selfish.

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