Saturday, April 27, 2013

Good Stuff Saturday 4-27

I missed last week and it seems that this week I have an abundance of photos and videos. So enjoy the pretty pictures and cool videos.

Awesome Photos and Videos

National Geogrpahic Photo of the Day - Swans, Prague  Breathtaking

Undivided Movie Trailer I so want to  know more about this.

National Geographic Photo of the Day - Elephant Seal, California Doesn't this look so human.

National Geographic Photo of the Day - Sunrise, Badlands National Park I can't believe this is real.

National Geographic Photo of the Day - Wolf, Denali National Park Can you find him?

Exodus Road - Rescue isn't Jason Bourne, it's you. 

101 Books - The Old Man and The Sea like You've Never Seen It Oh my goodness! This is crazy good.

A whole website full of cool movie reviews.

One Minute Review  I love hearing his movie reviews. They are thoughtful and honest. Simply Wonderful!

Articles that might interest you

The Esau Project - 10 Things I'd Like To Do In St. Louis - A great list of St. Louis places to visit.

Desert News - Everything You Think You Know About Poverty Is Wrong  Wow! Simple honest facts about poverty.

Red Letter Believers - Of the Seven Deadly Sins, This One Is The Most Fun  Anger. Righteous or no?

This Time Around - Looking For Beauty - A quote, a benediction, and a song. Just what I needed.

The Esau Project - Life Interrupted - Are you willing to be interrupted? - No Happiness Without Holiness  - This kinda blew my mind. What do you think about it?

A free book of poetry for you to download

Love Poems Deconstructed by #writestuff and Writers Unite 


  1. Thanks for some great links to chek out (the stop motion was *amazing*!) and for the shout-out. :)

  2. Isn't is so cool! I loved that one. And you are very welcome for the shout out.