Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Change the Story for Kadigueta

My husband and I started sponsoring a girl in Guatemala five months before my son was born.

 (Blurry, but close to the right time.)

I had heard of Compassion International a few years earlier and thought, "I should do that someday because it is a good thing to do." When I heard about it a second time and I was pregnant, the impact of what it must be like to have a child and live in poverty hit me. I knew we had to do something about it. Before we even got to the table, I knew the one I wanted. I wanted a Spanish speaking child. Of course there were a bunch of others there, so I grabbed two packets I could get to for Spanish speaking children. There was a boy and a girl.

It wasn't much of a decision because I knew that a girl living in poverty has more ways to be exploited than boys do. She was from Guatemala. I have studied much about the history of her country. I haven't been there and I haven't met her, but I know a little bit about what has shaped the story of her and her family.

Some time later I had been reading much about Thailand and God burdened my heart for the girls there. Once again, I knew that girls had more ways to be exploited than boys. So this time I went online and searched for girls in Thailand. One face jumped out at me immediately. We started sponsoring our second girl.

I want to sponsor more, but financially we can't do that right now. I know that child sponsorship makes a difference because I have read the stories. I have heard the stories. Even though I don't understand the fullness of my impact for these 2 girls. I know I'm changing their story. I also know that they are changing mine.

And today there is another girl who needs your help to change her story. This isn't just some fancy commercial in blog form. This is a real girl who lives halfway around the world and you really can help her.

This is Kadigueta. She was born 4/03/2005. Her birthday is today. She is turning 8 years old.


She lives in Burkina Faso. Her education is not free. She is in danger from malaria. I could go on, but I won't because it is more about you helping her be who she is destined to be. It is important to know that responsibility, family values, and dignity are emphasized in her country. All are taught to be respectful, polite, obedient, courageous, and hard workers.

Your support provides her food and clean water, medical care, educational opportunities, and important life skills training. Most importantly, she will know that someone around the world writes letters to her and helps her live a better life. She will know that God loves her and provides for her because he prompted someone from around the world to care for her. She will know that God loves her because she will go to a Child Development Center and hear about Him. She will meet with tutors and other adults regularly who teach her about Him.

In the end though, it isn't just about her. It's about you too. She can change you as much as you change her. She can give your heart more than you knew you could handle. This isn't just about money. This is about the story of her life and your life.

Change her story.
Change your story.
Change the story.


  1. We started sponsoring a child just about a month ago. It is a joy to write to them and support them, knowing that our little girl is finally getting the help she needs.

    It's definitely do-able!

  2. Isn't it wonderful?

    Sometimes I get down on myself for not making a bigger difference. Then I remember that I'm changing 2 lives and God knows the way he plans to use them to change their world.

    It really is a special connection. It is so much more than just the money.